We offer many different options for your solar panels which include but are not limited to: Panasonic, REC, LG, Q Cell and Hyundai. 

Looking for a battery solution? Work with our team of storage experts to determine the best fit for you. Popular battery offerings include Generac, Enphase and Fortress batteries! 

At Independent Energy we are committed to quality. Offering only the best materials available in the market.

Independent Energy was founded upon a core belief that customers wanting to go solar needed a more transparent, fair and most importantly, a simpler, way to go solar. With our team of dedicated professionals we are able to provide customers with an unmatched level of expertise and commitment to quality.

With your current HECO bill, and a site survey of your home, we are able to build a system that can meet your energy needs based on the current consumption of your home. With all of this information we can give you the most accurate estimate and system size for your home!

Independent Energy offers an array of financing options. Loan options range from 18 months to 25 years with interest rates as low as 0% APR. To find the best fit for you and your home give us a call at (808) 460-6015 or fill out our estimate form for your complimentary quote! 

Feel free to fill out our form on our website or if you would like to speak with a representative give us a call at (808) 460-6015!