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We are a Hawaii solar company that has your best interest in mind. Our highly qualified crew has installed over 1,500 solar photovoltaic systems for the last 20 years all across Hawaii. You can feel confident with your solar panel installation today and years from now. If you ever have questions, we will always be here for you.

Serving Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island.

The #1 Solar Company In Hawaii – Independent Energy

Looking for a solar company in Hawaii? Don’t waste any of your time, energy, or investment with anything but the best – Independent Energy. We offer premium solar panel installation in Hawaii for both home and commercial buildings.

Let your money work for you, as you’ll save big on your energy bill each and every month while also raising the value of your home or commercial building! 

Plus, investing in Hawaii solar panels is something you can feel good about – as you help society progress towards a greener, more eco-friendly energy source.  

You have plenty of choices when looking for companies offering solar panels in Hawaii. But, when you’re looking for a local solar company that actually puts you first and helps you get the most bang for your buck, only one is worth working with – Independent Energy.

How Are We Different From Other Hawaii Solar Companies?

Not all Hawaii solar companies are created equal – with as sizable an investment as solar panels are, you need to go with the best of the best and do your due diligence.

We’ve earned a reputation in this state for doing a quality job and being transparent the whole time – but that’s not all. We do the little things that help us stand out among the other options you have for solar panels in Hawaii.

We Install Both Home & Residential Solar Panels In Hawaii

Whether you’re looking for a home solar installation or commercial solar panels, we’re among the top solar companies in Hawaii in both categories.

If you’re looking to increase the value of your home and harness the power of the sun to pay your energy bill, we can help you with that.

If you have a large commercial building with high electricity demands – what are you wasting all that space on your roof for?! Let’s get solar panels installed and help you achieve a quick ROI.

We’ve spent over two decades perfecting our craft and constantly evolving to offer a better and better installation service. No matter what type of Hawaii solar panel job you need help with, we can handle it – and exceed your expectations by the time the job is done.

We’ll Perform Maintenance Or Remove Existing Solar Panels, Too!

While we’ve come to be regarded as the top solar company in Hawaii from an installation standpoint, that’s just part of what we do.

You’ll also need routine maintenance on your panels to keep them running efficiently for the long haul – and ensure you get the full ROI you’re expecting.

If you’ve got an old solar panel system that needs to be removed, we can handle that, too – even if you aren’t planning on installing a new one through us. Just reach out for a quote!

Simple, Affordable Financing On Hawaii Solar Panels

Solar is a huge investment – but very few people who come to us for their Hawaii solar panel job have the cash up front. It’s far more likely you’ll need to take out a loan to finance the project. As you’ll unfortunately come to see, some of the terms you’ll be offered at independent 3rd party lenders are egregious.

We can help you get the ball rolling with in-house financing, so you can enjoy ultra-low interest rates compared to what you may be offered at the bank. Just another reason we’ve come to be known as the best solar company in Hawaii!

Hawaii Kai Residential Install On Roof

Independent Energy Is The Premier Choice For Solar Panel Installation In Hawaii!

If you’re ready to invest in your property and start slashing the cost of your electric bill, what are you waiting for? Now that you know we’re one of the top solar companies in Hawaii, all you have to do is reach out for a quote.

Don’t risk getting ripped off when you take on your solar panel installation in Hawaii. The experts here at Independent Energy have over 20 years of experience to boast. We’ve developed a reputation of trustworthiness and excellence along the way –  so you know you’ll get the best equipment and the best installation service. We’re excited to work with you!

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John Shoemaker
John Shoemaker
00:07 18 Jul 21
Great service. They came to our house to give us an estimate and explained everything we needed to know. They were also... very kind and professional. Some places just tried giving us phone quotes without even coming out. I would recommend these guys to anyone.read more
Rizelle Talon
Rizelle Talon
08:02 30 Dec 20
Going Solar made simple by Independent Energy through their knowledgeable and experienced Project Managers not by a... commissioned sales rep.read more
Keelan Abbott
Keelan Abbott
21:00 29 Dec 20
Very professional with a crew you can trust and rely on. Independent energy has you covered for your solar needs!
Russ Faigen
Russ Faigen
23:38 28 Dec 20
Phenomenal! I have gotten solar on my previous house and the experience with Independent Energy has been light years... better than my previous contractor. I highly recommend them for your solar project.read more
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